Thursday, January 14, 2010

Future concept advanced tank

China's new concept tank technology features:
The world's first truly low-type unmanned turret, all cars 2. Driver 1, respectively, and fire control staff a person. 120 mm smooth-bore guns for the gun. Bullet library with people separated from the central isolation with armor plates. Turret upload a set, bullet-in-One system. 4 dual 12.7 mm Defense Cao Bang faster gun, right and left lower part of a 40 mm grenade launchers. Bullet on the system is equipped with a small-to-air search radar, a, photoelectric tracking system, a set of.
Heat gun turret on the left side of the system showed a similar target tracking device.

Configuration Features:
Vehicle while in motion can be bullet-to-air defense system to the automatic mode. Such movement can compensate for vehicle-to-air defense gaps. Into the street fighting, they can turn to manual mode, above the 12.7 mm gun and 40 mm grenade fast for ground staff to provide adequate fire support. 4 12.7 mm Gaoping dual fast guns, air defense from the 1500 meters, height of 1000 meters. Small-to-air search radar air search distance of 8,000 meters.

Advisers (design): Shi fu (Tong-Xu), Digitalunit ge ge, Xue qian xun, Ji fu 1143