Saturday, January 9, 2010

Japanese intelligence operations

For a long time, the Japanese intelligence agencies of the security system in Japan, plays an important role, but against China's military collection in the overall information system also occupies a prominent position. Targeted for decades to collect intelligence on China, so that Japan already has a large group of intelligence agencies Among them, the Cabinet Information Bureau of Investigation's "foreign intelligence group," a ministry of defense intelligence headquarters in the strongest. In particular the establishment of the latter, so that Japan's intelligence, but also including countries in the world of military intelligence gathering into a stable, comprehensive status quo, but also changed the post-war Japan heterogeneous information systems, information exchanges and cooperation with the lack of, all into one and so on.

Cabinet Information Bureau of Investigation - high-level intelligence gathering on China

This is a Japanese state-led nature of intelligence agencies, whose role is to gather members of the Cabinet decision-making in particular, political decision-making required information. It consists of the domestic intelligence agencies and other intelligence agencies, state agencies, private companies, social organizations, departments and multi-media collaboration with institutions such as a coalition liaison. While the establishment and small, but China's featured a variety of intelligence gathering. Last year, in February, the Japanese government in a special study of the reform of intelligence agencies "intelligence to strengthen the functions of conferences", in particular an introduction of the Japanese government aimed at strengthening the intelligence gathering and analysis capabilities of the studies, set up a "cabinet of intelligence analysis officer," a level, its composition more for foreign and security sector. Among them, the group responsible for China's problems, the main writing out the assessment of the Chinese government, especially the safety of Chinese military strategy, military movements, weapons and equipment, trends and other content, for the Japanese high-level decision-making. Another news reports, one from the Japanese Foreign Ministry's expert group is also particularly like the Japanese government set up in accordance with the framework of the United Kingdom Junqingliuchu intelligence organizations, and received special education and training agents to the identity of the diplomatic staff sent to target countries, in particular, is the tense and delicate relations with Japan China, Russia and other countries.

Intelligence headquarters

Founded in 1996, the intelligence headquarters of Japan's most open and most direct military intelligence-gathering agencies. The primary object of the reconnaissance, Russia and North Korea, detection methods, including intelligence surveillance, radio reconnaissance, radio-electronic reconnaissance, space reconnaissance, etc., a variety of reconnaissance means. Central Intelligence team from the "central geographic teams" and the "central force" which consists of the "central geographic teams" and the "central force" While the establishment of a number of only 600 people, but the goal is very clear, is to ensure that Japan's Self-Defense Forces operations in the future , especially in response to the Taiwan Strait crisis or emergency, when the peninsula and achieve the war, surveillance and geographic information integration. Reported that they undertake a special mission team did not just textual information, but all areas of direct involvement in China, direct contact with the relevant person or department to obtain vital information.

"The Central Geographic Team" responsible for collection of geographical information, "central information team" is responsible for the collection, translation of foreign military intelligence. From the operational point of view, intelligence gathering on China, not only through military means blatant military reconnaissance, intelligence headquarters in secret by the assignment, but also to non-governmental exchanges, the name of scientific exploration to engage in intelligence-gathering activities in China. As in last year and this year, there are several Japanese scholars in the field of China's Xinjiang accurate detection employed although it is related to the University side and a number of social groups, such as Japan and the integration of Earth Environmental Science Research Institute, but there are media analysis, the current Japanese R & D departments have many have a military background, mostly for the Japanese military to provide indirect military services. In Japan on China's geological exploration, for example, the precise coordinates for the Japanese-guided weapon systems provide important data can be directly implemented for the future long-range precision attack on service in Japan on China's national security constitutes a serious threat.

In last year's successful launch of China's "Shenzhou" spacecraft, the Japanese quickly set up a "China Information Center", who plunged into the requirements 3 billion yen. According to reports, the Center has specialized in the Japanese mainland radio listening room, monitoring personnel 24 hours a day listening and included Chinese central and local radio programs, and immediately order archive.

In fact, apart from the Japanese government sent officials, a number of close contacts with the Chinese private trading company in Japan, sometimes responsible for China Center and other political, economic intelligence-gathering missions. Japan's most famous "Trade Promotion" for example, that there will be nearly one hundred firms in the world, in China Beijing, Shanghai and other major cities have their own offices or branch offices, and their In addition to the work of business consulting, trade negotiations, the comprehensive collection of Chinese political, economic, military intelligence, but also their important task. As for Japan in China's economic, political and other intelligence gathering activities, companies, trading companies and countless others from different areas of China through various channels to collect valuable information

Space & aviation-based intelligence gathering

So far, based on military and civilian high-level scientific and technological means of reconnaissance, Japan has been formed to own satellites, early warning aircraft, reconnaissance aircraft, radar, listening stations, spy satellites and other means of reconnaissance and early warning network, in particular intelligence-gathering system in Japan In the United States, France and other countries with the help of the surrounding area committed to improving the military intelligence-gathering capabilities, the establishment of a large database is fully equipped with the right implementation of China's super-high altitude, air, sea and sea targets of intelligence gathering under the full azimuth, full-time, three-dimensional reconnaissance model, focusing on China's fighter planes, ships and missiles to carry out reconnaissance and intelligence gathering.

In the ultra-high-altitude detection. On the current spy satellites have been launched by the number and quality of view, are the low-altitude satellites in orbit, the detection accuracy. Prior to Japan's "Daily News" has reported that, according to Japan's defense ministry, "the future of Information and Communication Policy" plan, the Japanese in the future in addition to reconnaissance satellite systems, will also use the private communications satellites and television broadcasting satellite to form a complete Image intelligence gathering and transmission networks, thereby expanding the scope of intelligence gathering. In particular, to take full advantage of the United States, "Google" system to be refined for its own purposes, its coverage can be achieved over 75% of China's regions, covering the East Asia and the Middle East, and even some African countries in order to, when something happens in the periphery, can form a rear support for U.S. forces can also be run independently, self-contained and not be controlled by others. Analysts pointed out that Japan's satellite detection system, more than half against China, forming a multi-period, the collection of weather information system. In the air reconnaissance, the Japanese Air Self-Defense Force equipped early warning aircraft, China's coastal waters can be 24-hour surveillance, focusing on the Chinese navy and the missile deployment, to collect intelligence.

On the ground and maritime surveillance, using a ground radar stations, satellite-based workstations and stations. In recent years, the Japanese Maritime Self-Defense Force background at the "jack" was, "Bai Ling" was, "takyo" No. "Akihiro" was tracking ship, often the name of Scientific Expedition to the East China Sea, detecting the banner and open in China Sea activities, increase surveillance efforts in China's neighboring waters. To tie in with activities in the region, Japan will, in its southwestern Fukue Island, a new set of electromagnetic detection system, designed to monitor China's military activities, the monitoring system and the establishment of Miyako Island, the previous listening posts into one, forming Japan's new generation of China electromagnetic detection system so that Japan can right from the Bohai Sea, Yellow Sea south of the Chinese ships effective electromagnetic surveillance. Specifically used for Chinese warships and aircraft communication signal capture and processing of electronic monitoring systems will also be officially opened in 2008.

Under water, to the current Japan's advanced submarine technology, can the formation of China's most realistic intelligence collection capability is extremely powerful, or even by the Japanese media said that this is one of the most powerful intelligence to obtain power, is Japan's unique advantage. In the human means, as early as in 2000, the Japanese military attache stationed in China have increased The limit, the formation of land, sea and air self-defense, three Self-Defense Forces were three official system. From 1999 onwards, the Japanese Embassy in affairs officer with a staff dedicated to intelligence-gathering missions.

"The Central Intelligence Team" under the jurisdiction of four different panel of 10 people, including a group specifically for China, the main task is the development in China "informants", the use of "informants" to collect intelligence on China, but in peacetime, the specialized responsible through "contacts with foreigners," the field "interviews" with local residents and politicians, to gather first-hand information. Last year in October, the Japanese also proposed this year in the United States set up a "permanent liaison office of intelligence," and also the first time in Japan after the war overseas, the establishment of permanent intelligence agencies. Among them, "East Asian group" focus is on China to develop China-based journalists, academics, and private parties, let them join the overseas contingent of Japanese intelligence officers. These people will try to contact with the local staff to establish a broad network of relationships, for the Japanese government Chinese intelligence gathering. In March of this year, Japanese Foreign Minister Taro Aso of Japan had to spend money to buy the original orphans in China and Japan, China Bo-wen to steal secrets regarding the Open, said: "I think the original Bo-wen to be paid depends on intelligence gathering." Shows that Japan is China's intelligence-gathering related to number of areas, everywhere.

Military expert analysis, the Japanese Defense Ministry to spare no effort to gather a variety of Chinese intelligence, especially military intelligence, military concerned about China's every move, the purpose is very clear, that is, a comprehensive and accurate grasp on the basis of China's military deployment to enhance the Japanese intervention in the region the capacity of the situation, in order to build military power fishing sufficient capital.