Saturday, January 2, 2010

Gas-cooled nuclear power reactor for bomber aircrafts

Nuclear-powered bomber, is the dream of strategic air forces of the superpowers, because nuclear-powered bomber, a huge driving force, with virtually unlimited range, does not require frequent refueling, its unparalleled tactical advantage, so in the last century, the United States and the former Soviet Union are in in this regard has made a bold attempt. Reactor technology, due to time constraints, the aircraft can not carry hundreds of tons of reactor and protective devices, coupled with the reactor at the time the safety can not guarantee, therefore, these early efforts were not successful. However, the nuclear-powered bomber, a huge range of power and the advantages of military strategist of the brain is not echoed at all times.

As in recent years, advances in reactor technology, reactor core getting smaller and smaller, the structure becomes compact and reasonable, and security also has a tremendous progress, China's air-cooled reactor is in the security and efficiency has made great strides, legends China's nuclear submarines are ready to apply. These technological advances, re-awakened the dream of China’s nuclear-powered bombers.

Take a look at gas-cooled reactor: As China's gas-cooled reactor uses helium gas as working gas, helium is the inert gas, is more a magical properties, it will not be reactor fuel and radioactive exposure arising from secondary radiation, Therefore, the reactor does not require a loop of pipe to conduct a comprehensive radiation protection, thus greatly reducing the area needed protection, radiation protection is limited to the reactor core body itself, which makes the necessary protection of lead-cooled reactors, pressurized water reactor and the geometric metal heap must have been considerably lower weight and volume of the reactor have substantially decreased their use in aviation possible. This is a huge performance advantage, is the other types of reactors can not be compared.

China's gas-cooled reactor using two turbine to heat the reactor is converted into mechanical energy, the first helium gas in the reactor was heated to nearly a thousand degrees, into a high temperature and pressure of the hot helium, these high temperature and pressure of the helium directly into the turbine steam turbine can be 40% of the heat energy into mechanical energy, helium temperature down to 400 ~ 500 degrees; Then, in the temperature of the helium gas into the heat exchanger loop, 80% of the helium heat exchanger circuit in the years, the hot water into a high-temperature saturated steam, steam turbine steam turbine to promote once again the heat into mechanical energy. Transformation allows the two gas-cooled reactor power system's overall thermal efficiency of more than 60%. Turbine steam turbine or compressor can be directly promote the propeller fan, push forward bombers.

Gas-cooled reactors also have drawbacks, that is, the cooling needs of low-temperature helium and compressed, and, helium storage of relatively large volume. For submarines, this is a relatively difficult problem that requires compression before storage and recycling, but for large aircraft, this is not troublesome, low-density helium gas can be a great package to store, due to the low density of helium, Gas storage can significantly offset the buoyancy package weight. As the aircraft usually fly in the stratosphere, temperatures in the stratosphere - 20 to 40 degrees below zero, through the air, can be effectively the waste heat of nuclear power systems for cooling, which is also conducive to nuclear power system in the normal operation of the aircraft.

It can be seen that the current gas-cooled reactor power system weight than aviation jet engines large, but as technology advances, the weight of the gas-cooled reactor control in 100 tons less than can be achieved. At present, large aircraft carrier oil, is often a need for more than 100 tons, such as A-380, 560 Dun take-off weight among the total 200 tons of oil containing more than the weight of jet fuel even more than the weight of nuclear power systems. Moreover, a large number of fuel consumption, not only generates a huge amount of greenhouse gas emissions, but also has turned itself into a huge incendiary bombs made it necessary to increase the number of safety devices, forming a huge waste weight.

In contrast, the advantages of nuclear power was too obvious, and first of all, a huge and sustained energy that allows the aircraft continuously for many days or even months, flying in the sky, this is the biggest advantage of nuclear power. Only lubricants and expendable parts subject to the restrictions and had to return to the ground maintenance and supplies; nuclear power is not greenhouse gas emissions, will not pollute the atmosphere, much more environmentally friendly than oil-powered. Safety, as long as the reactor will be air-cooled rugged enough to do, even if the crash occurred, as long as the reactor is not damaged, would not have a nuclear pollution, helium is the inert gas, much less fire. U.S. nuclear bombs have occurred in accidents falling from an airplane accident, nuclear safety floor, did not explode, so if properly designed, can guarantee that when the reactor in a complete crash. Even in the fighting were hit by a missile, its viability is also stronger than conventional bombers, because the probability of nuclear-powered bomber fire is much lower than conventional bombers.

Comprehensive above, at present, technical, manufacturing, nuclear-powered aircraft have been not too many technical difficulties. The following is the conceptual changes needed and determination. It can be seen that China's aviation engine technology with a large gap between the West, but in the gas-cooled reactors, China's technological level is a leading, if the gas-cooled reactor technology applied to large aircraft areas, will enable China to achieve unprecedented lead. As the international aviation industry, a lot of restrictions on large commercial aircraft, China can first use of nuclear-powered bombers, Zaochu of super-heavy nuclear-powered strategic bombers.

Imagine if China Zaochu nuclear-powered strategic bombers, will have an unprecedented military superiority, anywhere in the world, China's armed can be reached within 24 hours, in the event of war, regardless of where the enemy, the first time for China to nuclear-powered bomber carrying high-powered weapons to reach the incident and conducted a long cruise to deterrence, if necessary, immediately effective air strikes. This is both flexible, but also a powerful force, and will effectively protect the interests of China in the world. Of course, with nuclear-powered bombers, China can not abandon the development of aircraft carriers and amphibious ships, aircraft carriers, may be much greater in order to combat damaged nuclear-powered bombers maintenance.

"Guilty of the powerful Han who, however far they are", at present, this is only a slogan of the mighty, because of the lack of delivery platform for the global projection, even if China deal with the threat around, in the current strategic approach, it is also not only forbear Fa. No aircraft carrier, no ocean-going fleet, there is no long-range bombers, and no overseas bases, so that China worry about everywhere, even those who only allowed a small nation with China’s subject of ridicule, mockery in every possible way, why, because these guys know that China will only verbal protest, Most diplomatic or economic sanctions, and not directly with their bayonets Tong Jin Xin Wo, so they are not afraid.

Once nuclear power could be bombers, hostile to China if China took the lead in condemning the just possible that they are falling, China’s missiles, bombers have thrown their podium. Internationally, the truth is always the strong and the winner side.

Nuclear deterrent patrol bombers can be used to protect China's global traffic arteries are not a threat to other countries, once the recurrence of similar incidents of anti-Chinese, in a matter of hours, nuclear bombers on the enemy's head appears in the enough of these pairs of countries unfriendly to China become scared.