Monday, December 28, 2009

Radar system to detect F-22 fighter: development in progress

Omni-directional radar warning system to alert pilots have been locked pursuit of missile systems, this equipment is very useful. In the early-the-horizon air combat, many targets have been hit by a missile when the machine did not know what happened because it did not receive a warning or simply no set of equipment. If there is omni-directional radar warning and played a role in the target machine to make at least know to avoid, out of action, the measures taken to interfere with, ultra-horizon air combat power will be greatly reduced. Fighting in the development of the Chinese military planes for the F22 when the anti-stealth radar warning system has made significant progress.

It is said that the old U.S. Air Force F-15, F-16 can not lock on the F-22A alarm led to the F-22A simulated aerial combat 144:0, 241:2 results. The U.S. Navy and Air Force rivalry is, F/A-18 will be able to make an effective warning, said to have thus also simulated air combat "kill" of an F-22A. Therefore think that the old U.S. Navy F-22A found a trick to deal with, they claim that EA-18 is entirely possible to eat set F-22.

All U.S. Navy does not go into details about whether or bragging, but their reasoning at least plausible explanation. If a  Chinese F-7 able to F-22A locking alarm, although it probably cannot be said that you can reverse the  situation, but it can increase the air of uncertainty. An F-22 containing the bomb was a few, and contains a number of oil is, if the F-22 in order to eliminate an F -7 to Kuangzhui one or two hundred kilometers, fired three, four missiles, then the combat effectiveness of his is being reduced.

In fact, the old America's F-22 is also aware of this truth. His passive receivers Alarm System ALR-94 feature is very powerful, APG-77 radar, stealth can be achieved, that is, to track the F-22 occurred in the possibility of radar detection of its position as one in a million.

This possibility is not without. In this world, no unable to crack the ultimate technology, that does not comply with dialectics. If the F-22A to do this, then he opened up a new era in human history of philosophy, and unfortunately he could not. F-22A on the expression of such self-contradictory, on the one hand, APG-77 is so advanced RF management is almost impossible to detect on the other hand, ALR-94 radar warning receiver is so powerful, completely may miss any radar detection, this paradox explains everything just are no absolutes.

Judging from the current situation, intercept F-22A's radar signal and make a timely warning, is a national anti-stealth technology development.

Previously, countries could not find out the radar stealth F-22 to do the tricky and radar technology, which has a relationship to the level of development. This is like World War II, if engaged in less than ENIGMA cipher machine, then the password is difficult to decipher German. Now, the countries active phased array radar technology matures, narrowing the gap with the United States, on this basis, is gradually being worked out related to omni-directional radar warning system. Further, if this radar, the development of omni-directional warning to the United States ALR-94 level, you can combine the optical detection of the F-22 implementation of striking back.

Alarms for the F-22A technology development to what extent, in all countries are confidential, and that the outside world is not easy to detect. Saw the EA-18G the United States itself has such a capacity, a wind gust of France, Europe's EF-2000 from a technical point of view a very strong indicator. In this regard, the old United States is also a guilty conscience and a variety of models with other countries to confront the exercise, in addition to showing off there thoroughly meaning.

In this respect, China is also more or less said to have made a little progress. Since the bet made four generations of machines, whether talking about the other Jian Shi B, or a few, I think, have the right F-22A radar warning is a fundamental capability.