Monday, December 14, 2009

Aircraft carrier in a few years; Type-095 nuclear submarine and Type-071A amphibious ship under construction

Naval Strategy

If the construction Type-052B/C, and Type-054, Type-039 as represented by the beginning of the 21st century is the Navy's major facelift a few years of the second wave, then, it now appears that the modernization process is far from over and completed. Seemingly quiet 2009, but hidden in the choppy great development, of which the water carrier represented by the development of major weapons is clearly a top priority. Back in the eighties, the People's Navy had a three-step development strategy plan, from the ocean go by way of large blocks of flying submarine fleet, with plans to build aircraft carrier battle groups by 2050, it is from yellow to blue water, water. Now it seems as the economy and overall national strength of the sharp increase, this goal have gone up, optimism seems in 2020, that is thirty years ahead of schedule on the previous three-step strategy can be achieved. This change is a typical example of the need to create the market, the economy is the explosive expansion of China has become a black hole to absorb the world's resources on the attachment of boundless world trade expansion, while the protection of the marine interests and rights of the People's Navy duty. Escort the Gulf of Aden, but is just a start, blew the horn went overseas in the Navy.

However, such a thing in the future will be more, will be more difficult for us to attach great importance to the two routes, one is from China's breakthroughs in two offshore islands into the eastern Pacific with direct access to the Americas, and the other one is through from the After China's Nansha Islands and the coastal waters of Malacca, through the Indian Ocean to Africa. Neighboring countries have territorial disputes, India and Japan, two major countries in the United States, under both fed egg on behalf of hostility, low-intensity conflict or even be transformed into a battle. Obviously to deal with such threats, there is no aircraft carrier task force has absolutely does not work, after all, the pirates, but a minor Bale. In 2009, the occasion of National Day 60 years, the aircraft carrier production is undoubtedly the most exciting top priority, the author, and Zhongwei the same manner, infinitely User expectations.

Of course, such a change in naval strategy in advance, it is very natural to tear down a wave on the People's Navy had to erase the old shy, generous to stand before the world's navies. In April between the navy for 60 years at sea, Qingdao, Review, and an international perspective and ship one is a successful public appearance, loud oath: The Chinese Navy is no longer the sick man of Asia, and ocean macrocosm, and China catches up from behind.


Water large aircraft carriers and submarines in the Navy ordnance within the dust has finally landed in controversy for many years, and many years of development and the development of aircraft carriers and finally take a familiar down the pedicle.

Runs almost every morning for years, frustrating, basically complete the interior Varyag finally moved into the ship's dock, the Navy have speculated that it is the beginning of the power system outside the last renovation in preparation for the sea trial. However, there is no incentive system and the host does not matter, because the full capacity of the domestic carrier is necessary, and after this exotic is not a final product.

Jiangnan Changxing Island shipyard on the 3rd fully completed and successfully passed the acceptance, made the first generation of conventionally-powered aircraft carrier, the first ship will begin construction of this aircraft carrier in August on board Taiwan is no longer empty, will finally become a reality eye-summer. The big guy will be 6 million tons of displacement, two power plants, steam turbine first, and then follow-up of nuclear power in general the traditional layout of the two groups will be deployed in a good showing catapult bow, carrier-based aircraft in the 20-30 between Mao goods first, and then made in China replaced. If and Varyag closer, the Navy should have mental preparation, in fact quite normal. Carrier will not only put into operation in the south, the ship will be outdone.

Amphibious assault ship

Type-071 occurred, everyone was reconciled to this, looking forward to the deck of the amphibious assault ship straight appearance, this expectation is not without reason, even a small landing craft ship into an island of Type-074 can be biased, at nearly 20,000 tons of the Type-071 engage in a flat above the deck Type-071A is also a smooth growth of the wind mass Hudong China Group is the first ship built 999, the author, and the Navt will wait and see a little flat. More or less have the potential carrier of flavor.

This little guy will be equipped with a variety of future helicopter, the maintenance of maritime rights and interests surrounding the use of a direct, especially in Japan, South Korea, China and the ASEAN Zhou, and even the cross-strait problems have a considerable deterrent to the small flat amphibious assault ship as the core of the amphibious assault task force has, in the South China Sea will be much to offer, can be used as the main recovery of the Nansha Islands.

Destroyer and Frigate

The Navy have also seen Whampoa and retaining the two shipbuilding bases in the 054 East Recently there have been four appearances, the whole plan should also double, after all, this ship is more mature, and is one of the most mature design of tonnage, and no reason for the small of multiple-tried. But I still look forward to all-electric-propelled anti-submarine subtype appear? This does not, the recent Vietnam, bought six Kilo, a real danger of ah, China have proof. It is interesting that a large surface vessels have largely been in Shanghai, Guangzhou and Dalian arranged, especially the first two.

Type-052 from B to C, but two types of four, traces of the transition is still very clear, after a trial of the Navy a few years later, starting this year Type-052D on the logical, and the tonnage will be improved, military preparations better, combat capability will be fully than modern, almost equal to Burke, a carrier task force has a major role. This level is no longer small-batch trial production of small orders, but rather a double-digit orders for as many as three major fleets have taken everybody. South to take care of two, it is more difficult, and the new Type-052D such a large batch, several shipyards Battle of the case Type-051 can be repeated, the author estimates that is the Yangtze River, Huangpu, and ship 3. Though not so large as before, but it will be enough for some people really excited.


Type-093 and Type-094 two types of strategic nuclear submarines has finally been officially disclosed, apparently from the outside, somewhat disappointing, but China have always traditional, pre-generation research, development and production of a generation the practice of a generation is a clear demonstration of the Type-095 and Type-096 of the development and put into operation at hand, and although they have historically been of strategic weapons, dressed in a mysterious veil, less information is even more smoke and mirrors, elusive, but the span from development point of view, is that these two years should also be made of the first boat opened . 719 of the new generation of nuclear submarine in order to really satisfy the escort carrier and the country's future deterrence needs, review, Types 093 and 094, but is a summary of Types 091 and 092 and improve fills the typical role of linking the transition. There is also a concern that, in addition Huludao, the south will join the ranks of manufacturing nuclear submarines come from? After all, a few years ago south of the resumption of manufacture of conventional submarines, but also the quality of its construction more than hearsay arms ship product, the latter to accelerate and decelerate ah. There is also a rumor that government dig out of money, together with the Lao Maozai the next generation of nuclear submarines, and it is not known how true or false, let the future of the facts to be proven.

Type-039 conventional submarines for some time will also be main product, to improve and enhance comprehensive and will be enormous, 701 will not idle, according to some public official information and pictures, suppose a revolutionary new generation of Type-041 submarines will also be under development. There are rumors that the new conventional submarines will be unveiled next year, I do not know Types 039 or 041 changes, the author Here we've eagerly looked forward to a new low and smooth Wai shell to emerge to replace the stereotypical tall and mighty. After all these years, the former Soviet Union or the CIS designers in our design and development of underwater weapons to help should also bear fruit.

Type-095 is being built, the first built in the 2, Type-096 estimated in the second half, it will enter the construction phase!

Combat Aircraft

Frankly, the relative surface and underwater vessels of considerable progress, Naval Air Force combat aircraft development becomes a snail crawl, and the most recent years, in addition to JH-7 and SU-30 outside, there is not much difference, headache medicine head-gap, to seek help at the last moment heavy flavor. Tsat Lord and the Lord Ba or the main force of the army, enough shame in the 21st century has. With the aircraft carrier to join the future, the Navy Air Force needed an organizational structure, major surgery, shore-based forces and carrier-based forces to refine, the former is assigned to the Air Force, in order to reduce the burden on the Navy?

Naval Air Force should be a maritime unit. So that there is a major problem - carrier-based fighter, at present there to see domestic and imported competition, for our doubt about the things China always have to adhere to the traditional walking on two legs the way, from this sense, Machine will definitely be ordering, and the other party is also pressing other rice on Komsomolsk because of China's orders are not discontinued. Right made in China, because the level into the fly to be more focused on the development of four generations of machines and improving the J-10 and dragons, Shen fly on the 11th look for Laomao Zi Su-33 imitation made the development of carrier-based aircraft would become the Kunlun Miao hill one moment, only a race against time Bale. Other matching models, anti-submarine aircraft, AWACS, etc., can only be slowly save from scratch, and, after all, not a bite to eat a fat man. External cooperation is indispensable, after all, China have the equipment are two smear one badly in need of first-hand experience and information. Comparison of Japan and India-- China are too different in this respect.