Wednesday, December 9, 2009

China's sixth-generation fighter aircraft design based on nuclear propulsion

Design Notes

Aerodynamic layout: The nose starts from the edge of a large increase lift, duck wings can be rotated 360 °. Inlet rectangular design, the fuselage back into the air. The main wing for the diamond-shaped, adjustable flaps and edges of the former, ① leading edge sweep angle of 40 ~ 50 °. Twin-tail camber is about 25 °.

Propulsion: there are two programs.

Program 1: a conventional propulsion, using thrust-weight ratio of 12 to 15 between the turbofan engines, no afterburner: we can use Mach 1.5 ~ 1.8 supercruise; with afterburner: the maximum can reach Mach 2.4.

Program 2: using nuclear propulsion, using the nuclear heating-fuel rocket engines to accelerate the use of nuclear reactors, heat working fluid, jet speed can reach 5 to 10 km/second or so; or use of nuclear rocket engines, from nuclear power industry after the electric field to accelerate ions quality..

Both programs are using thrust-vectoring technology for aircraft maneuverability.

Airborne Weapons: a main-deck fuselage belly and two vice-cabins. Shells buried in the main cabin 4 ~ 6 in the long-range air to air missiles, and its maximum striking distance of 200 ~ 400KM. Vice shells buried in the cabin two off-axis angle is ± 90 ° infrared imaging focal plane short-range combat missiles. Can be mounted satellite/TV/IR/laser-guided and anti-radiation weapons and open space.

Airborne equipment: the source fitted with multi-function phased-array radar and helmet sight, a rear mounted tail radar, with all the attacks, over the shoulder launch capabilities. Equipped with radar/UV/IR warning system, installation of a belly may be 360 ° rotating laser cannons, the tail with an active-defense network systems.

With the formation of combat capability, and a strong command of active / passive electronic interference.


If the use of the program one: a maximum range of 4000 ~ 5000KM, combat radius of 1500 ~ 2000KM, with aerial refueling capability.

If the use of the program two: enabling ultra-long-range flight operations, a maximum range of 12000 ~ 15000KM, combat radius of 5000 ~ 6000KM, without aerial refueling.

Aircraft, the basic geometric dimensions and weight:

Length 15m
Wingspan 10m
High 3.5m
Empty weight is about 13000 ~ 15000Kg
Maximum Takeoff Weight
Program 1: 30000 ~ 35000Kg
Program 2: 22000 ~ 27000Kg (less nuclear fuel can be loaded fuel 7000Kg)
Ceiling of about 18000m.
1: The data provided on-board computers to automatically adjust side flaps of the former two of Yi Shen a reduction, to changes in sweep angle degrees.
2: In view of the aircraft accidents that may occur to prevent the occurrence of nuclear contamination, nuclear fuel packed in special containers; Once an incident occurs, and the pilot at the same time the pop-up, nuclear reactions shut down automatically.
3: to deal with IR / radar, chase the missile, its shape and police net is similar to a missile attack by the radar derived direction, altitude, speed, rushed into the tail missiles, automatic pop-up 20 meters away from the machine, open a 3-meter-long square network, so that it and the missile hit and destroyed.