Monday, December 21, 2009

Carrier-based J-10C fighter

J-10C with folded wings concept image - top view

The J-10C carrier-based fighter performance parameters estimated to be: the captain 14.57 meters, wingspan of 8.78 meters, height: 5.3 meters, sweep angle 50-52 degrees, the wing area of 38 square meters, vertical tail area of 8.4 square meters, thrust of 152 kN.

Takeoff and landing roll distance: less than 50 meters
High altitude of the maximum speed: 2.0 Mach
Low maximum speed: 1.2 Mach (1473 km / h)
Maximum ceiling: 18,000 meters
Combat radius: 1,300 km
Maximum range: 3,000 km
Maximum Takeoff Weight: 18.27 thousand kilograms, 6000 kilograms load of bombs, thrust-weight ratio greater than 1.1.
Plug-in 11 (5 under the fuselage, each wing the next three), the largest external fuel tanks 4100 liters (1500 × 2,1100 × 1)

These data indicate that J-10C carrier-based and J-10 package type is almost identical, but thrust from 122 kN to 152 kN, roll distances have been shortened to 50 meters only. Like with the J-10, J-10C carrier-based addition to maintaining the normal level flight, there are enough thrust to meet the needs of the implementation of a variety of motor actions, so that the level of acceleration, climbing, circling, etc. have a larger performance increase, even in the air combat mode effortlessly vertically upwards.

J-10C will be equipped with a weapons system operator is responsible for precision strikes, J-10C can carry more than 4 tons of ammunition, but also equipped with a goal of launching precision-guided munitions pod instructions. This aircraft will probably have ground attack capability.