Monday, December 7, 2009

China's H-10 stealth bomber secret flight - can carry nuclear bomb

Japan's "Sankei Shimbun" recently published an article mentioned that China developed the strategic nuclear missiles capable of carrying the H-10 stealth bomber has successful test flight. The article said that the research and development base in Qinghai, a secret military base in the Gobi, H-10 stealth bombers from the 1998 R & D, code-named "Project No. 10."

End, the article also said that China got stealth technology from the F117 and B2 "Spirit" stealth technology and the introduction of Russia's bomber technology, the technical development of independent R & D success. H-10's success broke the monopoly of the U.S. stealth, seriously threatening the security of Japan.

On the same day, U.S. military experts khaki Rolla personal Web site commented that the U.S. military as early as two years ago, discovered the existence of H-10 type, and through various channels to be a "natural enemy" of the technical design parameters and operational performance, The United States has fully prepared to meet the "natural enemy" of challenges, including the deployment of the East Pacific Infrared Stealth radars to increase the number of interceptor missiles and so forth.

U.S. B2 "Spirit" stealth bomber

B-2 bomber wing-body integration, non-tail flying-wing configuration, the wing leading edge of the transition at the head office, the wing trailing edge was serrated. Wing fuselage extensive use of graphite / carbon fiber composite materials, honeycomb-like structure, the surface absorbing coating, the generator vents placed in the top of the wing. This unique contour design and materials, and can effectively avoid radar detection, invisible to achieve a good result. B-2 bomber has three combat missions: One is not to be found in-depth enemy hinterland, high-precision placement of bombs or firing missiles, so that weapons systems with the highest efficiency; second is to detect, identify and destroy moving targets; 3 is to establish deterrence power. U.S. Air Force threatened, B-2 bombers can be ordered within a few hours after take off from the United States to attack targets anywhere in the world.

Stealth B-2A bomber fuselage length 21.03 meters, 5.18 meters high, has a wingspan of 52.43 meters, the biggest load of bombs 22.68 thousand kilograms. Aircraft is equipped with 4 sets produced by the U.S. General Dynamics F118 - GE-100 turbofan engines. Aircraft in the air without refueling in case operational range of up to 1.2 million km, air refueling and once for up to 1.8 thousand kilometers. For each mission flight time is normally less than 10 hours, the Air Force said it has "global reach" and "global destruction" capability. B-2A set a variety of sophisticated technology in one, but because of radar-evading capabilities, was hailed by experts, "military aircraft of this century, a milestone in the history of the development." According to reports, B-52 bomber, the radar reflection cross-section of 1,000 square meters, the MiG -29 to 25 square meters, B-lB for less than l square meters, while the B-2A, less than 0. 1 square meter, only the equivalent of a bird in the sky section of radar reflectivity, which makes it difficult to find the general radar.

China H-10 Stealth Bomber

H-10 stealth strategic bombers, which is a B2 stealth bombers with the United States similar to the large aircraft, is secretly developing China's aviation who in recent years, so in the past few of its sources, is now turned out to, of course, national leaders people are happy, but also allow the Chinese people feel proud! Because it broke the American monopoly in this field, but also the Russian people walking in front of the offensive strategy of the Chinese Air Force has played a decisive role. The possibility of this argument was basically 100%.

H-10 stealth bombers basic information

Empty weight :47880-52,912 kilograms,
Length: 24.03 meters,,,
Height: 4.51 meters,
Wingspan: 65.27 meters,
Maximum load of bombs: 25,254 kilograms cruising speed,
Degree: 1.1
Mach Range: 13,328 kilometers,
Maximum Takeoff Weight: 205.74 thousand kilograms.
Weapon systems: nuclear bombs, conventional bombs, cluster bombs, cruise missiles, air to air missile.
Radar reflection cross-section: less than 0.2 square meters.