Sunday, December 20, 2009

JH-7 Attack Aircraft

Since the 1990’s, China's naval power has been in a stage of rapid development, China has been heard the news of a new warship construction service. However, the present case, the Navy's surface ships alone against the Japan Maritime Self-Defense forces to clear some of its inadequacies. Chinese naval fleet is now not enough against the strength of Japan's current "88 fleet," and not against the planned fleet of 90. The last century, the mid to late 90’s, the new fighter-bombers joined the Chinese navy aviation battle. National Day military parade in 1999, when the mysterious aircraft over the re-emergence in Tiananmen Square, the major foreign media have reported: China's "Flying Leopard" turned out to. "Flying Leopard" equipment service greatly improved the Chinese navy's combat capabilities, so that our air force for the first time the Navy has that can be a threat to "88 fleet" as well as the future fleet of 90 air strikes. Japan has related media had significant combat capabilities of China's Flying Leopard layout analysis, was suddenly silent, and the exact cause is unknown, the following analysis we will in the end "Flying Leopard" penetration likelihood of the Japanese fleet. Defensive side - "88 fleet"
      Japan's Maritime Self-Defense Force is a well-trained, well-equipped, with a strong ocean-going comprehensive combat capability of the naval forces. Maritime Self-Defense Force is currently being examined by the "Fleet 88" to "90-ship" team in transition. "88 fleet" of the compiled program, the Japanese Maritime Self-Defense Force is to defend the 1,000 nautical miles at sea lines of communication to achieve the basic objective of achieving "blockade in defense of" strategies to the former Soviet navy's submarine warfare as the main object, according to naval formation of submarine search and attack tactical vision, the application of operations research analytic method, by modeling calculations, the more optimized anti-submarine fleet into program. The so-called "88 fleet" refers to by 8 destroyers and 8 anti-submarine helicopters pose. The new "88 fleet," the basic formation of the current pattern is: a "white roots" level or "Haruna"-class destroyers, anti-submarine helicopters as a "88 fleet," the command ship, a "tachikaze" level or "flag Wind "-class air defense destroyers (However, if a new air defense destroyer in service are likely to replace their current status), 2" Asagiri "class anti-submarine destroyer, a" King Kong "-class air defense destroyers, three" village rain "level or" high waves "The multi-path-class destroyers (" Village Rain "and" high waves "and added to the large increase in the" 88 fleet, "the overall point of anti-aircraft capacity).
"88 fleet" has a strong fleet air defense capabilities, the formation of surface ships using the sea-air anti-aircraft warfare, multi-layered defense tactics. At present each "88 Fleet" are the attachment has two air defense destroyers, which "King Kong"-class destroyers and the "flag wind" level or "too knife Wind"-class destroyers each one, in the air defense mission as a combat ships in order to equipped with the "Aegis" system, "King Kong"-class destroyers of the most eye-catching.

Formidable offensive capability of JH-7
     Chinese Air Force sent JH-7 "Flying Leopard" improved took part in the exercise, causing the foreign media attention. Sino-Russian joint military exercise in 2007, the modified "Flying Leopard" to have participated in exercises, with unfailing accuracy, outstanding performance and won unanimously praised the media at home and abroad.
     JH -7 is independently developed by the heavy, supersonic, all-weather fighter-bomber, is China's current primary fighter kinds of offensive, known as is China's only a true fighter-bomber. The important feature is low-altitude flight performance is better, can be a long time to low-or low-altitude flying, mainly responsible for stand-off on the sea, and ground all-weather precision strike missions, and has a certain fighter escort capability.
     Taiwan and Hong Kong media reported that the JH-7 "Flying Leopard" developed by the Xi'an Aircraft Industry Company is the People's Liberation Army began the last century, 80 years designed and developed its own medium-sized fighter-bombers, have proven right, the right-ship attack capability, there is " aircraft carrier killers, "said. JH -7 maximum cruise speed of Mach 1.7 times the combat radius of 1650 kilometers, crew 2.
     JH-7 strong attack capabilities. At the lower right side of the forward fuselage with a 23 mm double-barreled guns, 200 rounds Beitan. The whole plane load of bombs 5000 kilograms, with equipment, heavy weight, large-caliber weapons and the ability to be linked to a variety of air-launched missile attitude.
     JH-7 The most important weapon is C-801K/803 anti-ship missiles, with a maximum of four. 2 wing tip pylons can hang Charlie -5 fighting-type air to air missile.

Low altitude penetration causes concern
     In fact, as early as 90 years in the last century "Flying Leopard" initial column loaded Chinese naval air force units, the overseas media once reported them substantially. In particular Japan, are very concerned about the "Flying Leopard" low-level penetration capability. Because the "Flying Leopard" could use sea-skimming flight, low altitude air defense penetration capability of Japan's most advanced "Aegis" ships. "Flying Leopard" capable of launching anti-ship missiles, 150 kilometers, the Japanese "" Aegis "ship" standard -2 "anti-aircraft missile has a range only 73 kilometers, can not deal with the" Flying Leopard. "
     According to Asahi Shimbun, Japan last year held in the East China Sea Fleet of 88 anti-aircraft anti-submarine exercises, there were two "Flying Leopard" hedgehopping break 88 fleet with the "Aegis" air defense system, "Amemura"-class missile destroyers, anti-aircraft range of .
     In the last year the 7th Zhuhai Air Show, the improved version of "Flying Leopard" the first appearance in public. At that time, Taiwan media reported that the " 'Flying Leopard' is China's new generation of bombers, completely independently developed by China, is China's most capable bomber carrying missiles now deployed in China's coastal base, can cover Taiwan, the blockade of its ports" .
     Canada, "Han Defense Review," and even speculated that the improved "Flying Leopard" first to deploy troops in Eastern China Air Force, aims to match and Su -30; by the Su-30MKK responsible for the air, "Flying Leopard" is responsible for land attacks, the North-South balance, deterrence Japan and the United States, making the entire Taiwan Strait, the U.S. military base in Okinawa, the entire Korean peninsula, Japan, Kyushu, Honshu are in a part of the Soviet Union 30MKK and the new "Flying Leopard", within the combat radius. The United States a "strategic" network in June reported that the U.S. side believes that China has used a modified "Flying Leopard" has developed an electronic warfare aircraft.

Low altitude penetration was difficult and JH-7 to take a greater risk
     China's "Flying Leopard" fighter good at low altitude penetration is an advanced technology, with high tactical value. J-bombers can be used at low altitude to avoid radar penetration and attack missions, but also a high risk.
     Experts believe that, in addition to facing the complex terrain obstacles, the main risk is that: First, low altitude penetration, when the pilots field of vision deterioration, visual search has become very difficult to locate; Second, low-altitude penetration of the aircraft structure, intensity, and the pilot's physical strength and energy are higher, and a slight mistake, a small yaw angle will allow planes into terrain; three hours in the event of low altitude penetration failure, there is not enough height and time to re-start and exclusion, and even the ejection are too busy; 4 is difficult to control penetration speed, penetration rate of the Assembly to increase the pilot search, identify and attack ground targets, the aircraft more difficult and reduce the mobility, penetration rate of a small plane would cause jitter, stall. As the low altitude penetration is very difficult for any country the air force are quite dangerous.