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China's special forces and elite units

China's special forces in particular, where the first task of their unique, although in times of peace, but asked them to stand ready to dispatch and crosses, cross the river, across the sea, airborne, and other military co-ordination silently hundreds of thousands of kilometers of reconnaissance outside of the enemy, the assassination of key objectives, and sometimes also fortified the target areas will be closely Explode a sea of fire, eliminate or seizing the enemy's most advanced electronic equipment.
China Warrior equipment special unique, and the armed forces of any forces are different, the Chinese special forces are equipped with the most advanced cars, boats, aircraft and diving equipment, which has almost become a miniature of the armed forces. Tanks, armored vehicles and aircraft placed in the same training ground, a strange scene.

Chinese Special soldiers unique training to ensure that everyone in that they can skillfully operate a variety of light and heavy weapons at home and abroad, driving various types of equipment on the ground, air, sea and water and high-speed mobile and combat. In times of peace, only they also insisted on challenging, high-risk, high degree of near-real combat training.

It goes without saying, China's special forces, of course there are many more special features, and many high-tech special equipment, but because of the strict confidential relationship not yet known. Chinese special forces are swift and fierce, not only the man, as well as their male colleagues of women in the military, they are in training and combat skills are not inferior to a man on the point.

    1, the PLA Army Special Forces

History: the Army's Special Forces trained under the condition at a local high-tech conflict reconnaissance and combat missions.
People's Liberation Army and has not been established that the preparation of special forces. In 1988 years ago, the functions of special forces has been undertaken by the surveillance unit, which is widely used to perform a variety of special tasks, including special reconnaissance, raids, ambushes, intelligence gathering, and capture enemy personnel and so on.
People's Liberation Army reconnaissance unit was actively involved in the 1979 and 80s of last century Sino-Vietnamese border conflict. At that time, their equipment and organizational structure of the regular army with the People's Liberation Army troops and there is not much difference, and the modern sense of the special forces are very far.
The lead agency for the first time, the PLA began to approach interested in special operations in the mid 80s. At that time, the Chinese military leadership has been gradually abandoned the concept of people's war, and begin to understand the application of modern weapons and equipment, local conflicts.
People's Liberation Army generals responsible for military planning and military officers were aware that the next race in the war near the Chinese border will be a very short military action, nowhere near as large-scale forces and human use of the traditional warfare. With Vietnam combat experience has shown that the process of conducting such a war, a large number of troops in a very long period of time may be face to face with the enemy can not be fighting hand to hand, but at the same time, the enemy of small stock units will continue to carry out attacks and sabotage operations. China's military special forces from the Vietnam-made lessons drawn the right conclusions.
In 1988, China's Guangzhou Military Region emerged first rapid reaction force, and its commitment is the special operations missions. Enough to become the basis of the force is the original military reconnaissance units.
This rapid reaction force is not only equipped with new weapons, but also has begun to accept special survival training, arm crossing and parachute and air-landing training. After a very short period of time, China's other military reconnaissance units have been reorganized into special forces, and began to exercise special combat tactics.
Structure: At present, the Chinese People's Liberation Army's total of seven Special Operations Group. This seven unit with belonging to seven military regions, respectively, and by the direct command of military leaders.
In the process of the formation of special forces, the PLA used the "special brigade" of that term. The size and mission of each brigade equivalent is divided into three battalions, about 1,000 troops.
According to the different tasks, each special camps have a different number of groups. Each team consisting of two main implementation of the special reconnaissance missions. In the implementation of the direct combat missions, it will be carved out from the special forces unit in the strengthening of company-sized combat units.
In addition to belonging to the military's special forces with alia, in the Army, field units in the division and regiment levels are also allocated to be able to perform limited reconnaissance and special operations units.
The PLA's 18 army were to have their own special reconnaissance unit, whose size and operational capabilities with a very camp. Each division also has a number of about 120 special reconnaissance company. The various groups are to set up a number of people in the 30-40 special reconnaissance platoon.
All of these forces are considered to be Chinese Army special operations forces components, because they not only able to carry out a direct combat missions, special reconnaissance, and can be implemented. The level of training of these three special forces and equipment belong to the military situation and the special forces unit quite.
Tasks: the world, like all similar forces, the PLA special forces tasks also include special reconnaissance, direct combat, intelligence gathering and unconventional warfare and counter-terrorism operations.
In accordance with relevant regulations and norms of action, reconnaissance operations are generally prepare for the attack. Therefore, in order to help commanders determine the likely direction of attack, reconnaissance troops will be deployed on all fronts in order to implement the identification of the enemy's positions, command and weak zone defense mission.
Active surveillance activities may also include fire detection, in order to expose enemy positions and staging their own at the same time, such action can also be used for determining the enemy's offensive views.
Corps, division, brigade and regiment under the special forces also perform these tasks. These could go into the enemy's reconnaissance units to conduct reconnaissance depth of 8-20 km, or from the flank to collect intelligence on enemy operations.
These special forces equipped with light vehicles, motorcycles and off-road vehicles. Some units will also use unmanned reconnaissance aircraft to gather intelligence. People's Liberation Army UAV equipment available from the current car, a trailer or a hand-thrown for the launch.
Direct Action: Such tasks include the use of special forces behind enemy lines to carry out short-time head-on collision, and other small-scale attacks.
People's Liberation Army Special Forces to carry out tasks including attacks on the enemy's important objectives, or position, to rescue prisoners and capture enemy personnel and so on. Its operational objectives, including command centers, airports, seaports, bridges, weapons of mass destruction, as well as positions and air defense systems. In addition, the Special Forces may also struck a number of civilian infrastructure, such as communications and transmission lines. Through sabotage and attacks on the above objectives, the PLA's special forces can significantly reduce the enemy's ability to control and use of force.
Reconnaissance Action: People's Liberation Army Special Forces reconnaissance organizations with close ties to collect data on weather, location of enemy command post, material storage, the weapons of mass destruction to protect their positions, logistics troops, technology and equipment and offensive lines, moving lines of information at the same time also includes instructions for the guided weapons targets.
Action against terrorism: As the separatist activities in some areas in China, the growth of People's Liberation Army Special Forces have already begun to develop tactics against terrorism, including hostage rescue, etc..
They also in part with the Armed Police Force and local police collaboration. In October 2002, with the People's Liberation Army Special Forces also participated in a joint anti-terror exercise held in Tajikistan.
Training: People's Liberation Army Special Forces training of other countries in the world is very similar to the same forces, but also with special emphasis on physical training and soldiers in the use of weapons.
All special forces soldiers will undergo training in unarmed combat and field survival.
According to the task, a number of troops for urban warfare, will accept and offshore waters of combat training. Meanwhile, the Special Forces will also absorb the special blasting, communications, computers and translation professionals.
Weapons and equipment: People's Liberation Army Special Forces used in equipment and weapon systems are much better than the Army's conventional forces, their soldiers, the standard weapons, including 95 automatic rifles, 88-style sniper rifles, 64 type and 79 type assault rifles, 92 pistols and anti-tank rocket launchers. In addition, is also included for the implementation of the secret combat missions of the silent weapon. It is reported that the PLA is also studying the special forces of light weapons.
People's Liberation Army Special Forces is also equipped with bullet-proof vest, used in unit liaison both internally and with the command centers of radio equipment, night vision equipment, portable telemetry system, laser range finders, and GPS / GLONASS positioning system, other special equipment.
Chinese Special Forces Army Aviation helicopters will be used to send troops to the enemy's rear. At the same time, they sneak into the enemy's rear side jeep.
In addition, some special forces have begun to use paraglider from the implementation of low altitude penetration of enemy territory.

    Second, the Chinese Navy Special Forces
Under the jurisdiction of the Chinese Navy reconnaissance company assumes the implementation of surveillance and sabotage the task, with part of the South China Sea Fleet of the Navy's marine division.
The reconnaissance company based in Zhanjiang City, Guangdong Province, with the Navy Marine Division other units of the resident a distance of about 5 km.
Reconnaissance company from the headquarters and two rows (each row of each 30 people) with a total strength of about 100 people. The company was also allocated to an executable inside the armed sea crossings in the task unit, the number of about 40.
The force of the troops were strictly selected from the volunteers, the right physical condition, psychological and educational attainment have strict requirements.
Field survival is also an important element in training. Under normal circumstances, the soldiers will be transported to a number of transport facilities, away from the settlements and the changeable weather in the area for a prolonged period of continuous exercise.
Special Forces training time per day up to 12 hours. In addition, even three times a year, each time lasting up to one month's parachute training.
A total of Special Operations training will last for four years, subject, including scuba diving, parachuting, navigation positioning, blasting, driving vehicles and small vessels, and the use of standard communications equipment.
Weapons and equipment: The Chinese Navy's reconnaissance company were at the same time each equipped with light weapons, conventional and special weapons (such as micro-sound guns), including 100 automatic rifles, submachine guns, 15-20 RPD-44, RP-46 and RPK-type Light machine guns and handguns. In order to destroy the enemy's vital forces, armored vehicles and other important goals, these units may also be equipped with a portable F-1, RG-42, RKG-3, RPG-2 and RPG-7 type rocket launchers. In addition, reconnaissance and sabotage missions of the units will be equipped with special weapons such as daggers shooting.
Chinese navy special forces used mainly by sea (the use of submarines and surface ships) and air delivery means of reconnaissance and sabotage units. To this end, these forces can be also equipped with a special underwater road systems, underwater breathing apparatus, diving suits and parachute equipment.
Near the coast in order to carry out its mandate as a Special Forces soldiers equipped with camouflage clothing, helmets, bullet-proof vests, night vision devices, communications equipment, and other is used for positioning and signal transmission equipment.
Although the People's Liberation Army Special Forces formed relatively late, but it is a well-trained, you can complete multiple tasks efficiently crack.
Of course, when compared with foreign counterparts, China's special forces weapons and technical equipment is also subject to further refinement.
Meanwhile, the People's Liberation Army and the Navy have special forces on these highly concerned about and is ready to continuously improve their training and equipment.
Tasks: The main task of the Chinese navy special forces, including the use of optical, radio and photographic equipment on the coastline near the goal, the enemy fleet stationed in the implementation of surveillance activities to eliminate parking at the base of the surface ships and submarines, the destruction of important water conservancy facilities and reconnaissance of the enemy's anti-landing defense, anti-landing in the enemy's defense or to remove obstacles to open up channels of underwater obstacles to major traffic arteries near the coast, military and industrial targets in the attacks, destruction of military and civilian communications systems.
Means of transporting special forces, including transport planes, helicopters, submarines (including the ultra-miniature submarine), surface ships, ships and boats and so on.
Landing in the implementation of its mandate, the underwater unit will be destroyed with the first batch of marines act together.
All under the jurisdiction of the Chinese navy special forces reconnaissance behind enemy lines can even have the depth of 12-18 km region 4-6 to send reconnaissance sabotage groups of people. These in-depth behind enemy lines, the panel can be 30-40 km from the coastline of regional activities in 10 consecutive days and nights of time.
Training: reconnaissance company's training program includes a total of 18 subjects, the most important for the special tactical training, diving operations, shooting, parachuting, car driving, mining and blasting, mountain training, topography, medical care and physical training.
Special tactical training includes reconnaissance of enemy targets and attack the enemy in raids and so on. These forces not only in battle field conditions, but also in fighting within the settlements. For soldiers with the ability to implement these actions, training, institutional arrangements, including the hijacking of the subjects on the ground or air transport system and evacuated to win a major communications equipment at sea, attacks on logistics goals.
In the shooting training process, the most important thing is individual training. In order to improve the quality of shooting, the Chinese navy special forces using unconventional methods of training. Including firearms, hanging weights and change add gun center.
During airborne training, complex conditions (including the night, strong winds and low) and parachuting is the training focus.
Weather and geographical conditions in a complex combat training conducted by China and other countries, a major feature. Training sites include the South China Sea near the hot beaches and mountains in the north of the cold zone.

    Third, the Chinese Air Force Special Forces

    The flying Chinese special forces, is said to be 15 in the airborne forces. To ensure the long-range high-speed combat, the Chinese special forces, whether for the Army, or belong to the Navy, the Air Force, can fly to heaven. Air Force Special Forces in China's air campaign in different ways, there is by air transport aircraft airborne, but also by helicopter drop, as well as by wing umbrella, Powered Parachute infiltration.
Wing umbrella and conventional square or round paratroopers parachute different umbrella is a rectangular wing, using the umbrella of the paratrooper wings after he jumped off the transport is not a passive wind down, but can be manipulated in the paratroopers are silently Piaofei far, can be used for long-distance raids target.
Powered Parachute with the basic driving force is the so-called wing umbrella, because of its own power, so do not rely on transport plane took off from the ground attack on dozens of kilometers away on their own goals. In one exercise, the Beijing Military Region Special Forces attacked by the success of wing umbrella of "enemy" command, communications systems, in a very short period of time to turn it into a sea of fire. Of course, like this totally close-combat training, casualties are inevitable. A few years ago, the Chinese air force special forces have just started using the new wing of the umbrella from large long-range military transport aircraft, airborne when a soldier surnamed Liu was involved in a powerful cyclone peculiar to large aircraft, the wing parachute failure of the rapid rotation of the soldiers, unfortunately, plunging to the ground dead, but China will not be intimidated by special forces, of course, after the accident, the first 4 days, this fearless, "invincible army" once again boarding the use of a gliding parachute exercises.

Chinese special forces fire. In 1996, a new battle to reach the Chinese Air Force special forces, under the topic, asking them to carry special operations vehicles and equipment to air-landing approach and seize the enemy's surprise the airport and other important goals. At that time the tense situation across the Taiwan Strait, the operational importance of the issue is self-evident.
The Chinese Air Force special forces live up to expectations, in a very short time, on the completion of the paratrooper of using the most modern combat vehicles and missile training and solve a new type of weapons and equipment on the new plane is fixed, while the machine down quickly untied fixed, especially in the fight against the enemy under heavy fire, driving paratroopers fighting vehicles out of airplanes, destroy the enemy problems. The fall of 1996, in a high-intensity, and advanced, high-tech large-scale combat exercises, the Air Force special forces succeeded in "enemy" airport forced landing, open the mobilization of modern paratroopers fighting vehicle in the "enemy" airport Burnout, use the missiles, artillery, soldier rockets, flamethrowers, and other modern weapons, the airport's aircraft, command posts, radar, oil depots and ammunition depots, such as wiping, showing the power of modern special forces.
In the Beijing Military Region Special Forces exercise, once dispatched five helicopters, special forces equipped with meters -17 attack / transport helicopter with six weapons pylons, can be attached to a large number of missiles, rockets, bombs, large caliber machine guns, fire is extremely Powerful. The Russian military helicopter equipped with powerful armor, helicopters, special forces believe that China will be no exception, it is difficult to deal with 17-meter air flames.
Special Forces attack on the airport island. Chinese Air Force Special Forces also require the use of a gliding parachute assault island, with joint air and naval operations. In one exercise, an Air Force special forces are required to raid the sea with a very small island, the island around the strange rock cliffs, and only a 50 meters long, 30 meters wide slightly flat areas have been designated as the landing site. The exercise would be extremely difficult and dangerous, and if the parachute landing a slight deviation, then is not a cliff into the sea is a hit, the consequences can be imagined. But the great talent of Air Force special forces in the exercise bravely jumped off the plane.
Then they found the situation faced by a hundred times more difficult than expected, fog obscured the entire surface of the sea, not to mention the landing site, that is, the island do not know where it is. But the Chinese Air Force Special Forces do not panic, because if in wartime, the cover of thick fog in turn paratroopers reached sudden attack. Arranged in battle formation, the Air Force special forces, like the birds fly as scheduled surprise to find the island, when they see the island through the clouds when they found the landing site had been scheduled to rise in sea water inundation. Critical moment, deputy company commander of the Air Force Special Forces decisively weeks the officers and men all the way to direct follow-up, all landed safely on the island next to a cliff on a smaller flat and immediately put into "battle", taking the island. The exercise fully demonstrated the military modernization of China's new generation of combat skills. The fighting in the future, the Chinese special forces assault capability, will play a significant role.

    Other description of China's special forces troops appeared in the newspapers, coupled with some well-known reasons, this is not presented, but please you believe that the PLA's special forces are the best. The following highlights of the Chinese People's Armed Police special forces troops.

    Fourth, the Chinese People's Armed Police special forces

The earliest is the strongest armed police special forces, is considered the true sense of the anti-terrorism special forces, that is, the Armed Police Force SWAT College (Vice-army-level units), and also known as the People's Armed Police special police force. Has been the world's special forces as the "Oriental crack anti-terrorism", in English known as the special police of china, called spc, nicknamed the "red vanguard."

Unit was first established in July 22, 1982, when paratroopers from the People's Liberation Army Air Force and the Air Force, two preparatory schools to form, that is, the predecessor of the Armed Police SWAT School, was then known as the first 722 words of Public Security Police Special Forces (now wj -- -722t), also known as the Anti-Hijacking special police forces. July 28 in the capital Beijing, the inaugural meeting. Forces are now located in Chaoyang District, Beijing, adjacent to the Capital International Airport. They were selected from the army special forces. April 5, 1983 the establishment of People's Armed Police Headquarters, the transfer of the People's Armed Police Force headquarters, was renamed as "China's People's Armed Police special police team," and later known as "China's People's Armed Police special police academy." In August 1999, the Armed Police Corps Women's SWAT team moved to Sichuan, Beijing, People's Armed Police special police academy to become the first female SWAT team operations. In May 2000, after approval of the Central Military Commission, which has now the name of the - "Chinese People's Armed Police Special Police College," head of the Central Military Commission of the special police college requirement is "also have school teams, school teams into one" have a special the preparation and training of special personnel for special training, special mission specific institutions. From September 1985 the first began to enroll new students began to enroll undergraduate students in 2004, is now set up special police, two professional surveillance. The Force, after several changes to organizational structure and functions of the task increased, and gradually develop into a man, woman and operations teams, special police, reconnaissance teams of professional students, both responsible for anti-hijacking, anti-terrorism special operations missions, but also for the Armed Police Force training special police, reconnaissance command personnel, the College has trained more than 1,000 graduate students each year after graduating from college to become a part of stay in the special police combat unit, part of the Corps and assigned to the People's Armed Police Tactical Unit as a commander. Mainly responsible for anti-terrorism operations team combat, combat readiness, performing tasks such as foreign affairs.

Academy consists of training, DPA, Hospital Department, are responsible for teaching and training operations, political and ideological work and logistics work. More than 300 existing official participants, while the short-term trainees each year about 200 people. College covers an area of nearly 200 acres, all kinds of teaching, training fields is complete and is constantly under construction. With the current manpower needs and training high-quality anti-terrorism, the state has invested heavily in the new hospital site.

College enrollment is extremely strict, a former armed forces in the whole exam before the year, special police someone went to college to be sent over the service from the Armed Police Force for two years and vice squad leader and excellent soldiers, the selection of five or more heads in the Yi Miqi of the seedling, and then 100 meters sprint, 400 meters 5000 meters off-road obstacles and other military assessment, if they meet the standards, exam grades were excellent, politically qualified, in order to enter the school's door. Through the cream of the crop competition, over five customs, chopped 6 will, into the special police school door, but what awaits them is 3 months of high-intensity military training, 10% of students who fail physical fitness will be eliminated. The next is the full-out test. In recent years, the new admissions standards have improved. SWAT professional students is from the command of the Armed Police Force in the selection of new institutions, more than 1.75 meters tall, review re-examination military and political cum laude, and after 400 meters barriers, 5,000 m cross-country, squat lift heavy loads, standing long jump, etc. 7 special military assessment, standards-compliant is it possible to enter the college by a mysterious door.

In its formation 24 years, more than a thousand trained SWAT team members with excellent results in only three individuals, we can see how severe his request! Be described as "1000 Amoy 10000 Luk though hard work, before blowing into the golden yellow sand."

     Training programs: special police students in college courses have the political, cultural, and management of public infrastructure and special operations-related courses and specialized courses (such as: anti-hijacking, hostage rescue, riot explosives disposal, field survival, swimming, reconnaissance and anti-reconnaissance and other subjects. ) training objectives are: "politically strong, martial arts, refined, well versed in foreign languages, will be leading soldiers," Germany of high-quality special operations personnel.

The training project is divided into nine major items (physical,, fighting, shooting, driving, climbing, wilderness survival, tactics, and English) 108

In addition to the normal items, but also super-maximum training on a regular basis. Time for 7 days. From the d day 00:00 to 18:30 end of day d +7. Training time is 119 hours, the average daily net training time up to 17 hours, from days up to 24 hours. Training load, the weight of each team member training, 50 kg per day. March up to a total of only 260 km. Training content will, mental, physical limits, tactical training, a total of 25 projects, subjects with no rest between courses. A total of 7 days rest period was 43.5 hours, with an average 6.2 hours a day rest (of which 1.5 hours including a meal).

As the mission important and special, the force is equipped with the most advanced Police Equipment at home and abroad. For example, they use cars and jeeps are expensive Mercedes-Benz cars in order to protect in the operation foolproof. They are also equipped with helicopters and airships. In addition, in order to deal with terrorist bombs, special police also equipped with a dedicated, the most advanced explosion-proof clothes, explosion-proof cans, explosion-proof vehicles and explosion-proof robot. Naturally, the Chinese People's Armed Police special police force of cutting-edge equipment is far more than that. With the advanced equipment and superior combat skills, the Chinese People's Armed Police special police forces completed the task of dozens of anti-terrorist crimes.

Since the establishment of the Institute to the state authorities, four general headquarters and the provincial security department and supplied a large number of professionals, and the Central Guard Regiment and Garrison, trained a large number of civil aviation system backbone. The Armed Police Force as a foreign exchange "window", the Institute widely with other countries to strengthen the military, Police Force and the friendly exchanges were received from more than 160 countries and regions in the delegation, the military performance 400

     Brilliant achievements: Chinese special police unit set up 24 years ago, the officers and men have participated in national and public security, armed police system, Sanda, boxing competitions, won a total of 42 championship. In 1988, for the first time to participate in the Austrian team at the world anti-terrorism special police force and competition, five participants when they defied strong opponents, daring to fight Ganpin in 17 countries and 29 representative team won the seventh group . Be held in Mexico in 1992, to participate in the "Ibero-American first session of the International People's Armed Police Shooting Championships, faced with the replacement of foreign guns, the sudden change in the conditions the original fire situation, buckled down and struggle, and achieved the fifth group Total . In 1993, 1995, the two Chinese special police team to attend the World Police Sports 5 game honors, two-team title.

Responsible for hijacking a number of occasions mission of combat readiness on many occasions to go to the airport the implementation of special missions, has participated in pursuit of fugitives, the repatriation of flight personnel, responsible for foreign heads of state to visit China several times and the party and the country's major security conferences, and participated in National Day 35, 40,50 anniversary celebration of the safety and security.

    Say in the true sense of China's anti-terror special forces is that the Armed Police Force Academy special police, while the real anti-terrorist training base in China, also known as the Armed Police special police force. In addition to special police college, the provincial-level People's Armed Police Corps has a special police brigade, but also has a corresponding training base. Also set up in China about the city's public security less than 10 special police detachment, these cities also have the corresponding training bases, these bases are not in the strict sense of the special police training base, because the special police and armed police SWAT in essence the difference between The latter are for the servicemen, far exceeding the level of training police SWAT. I will first introduce the special police focus on college.

    Enroll the first students in 1985 Beijing since the beginning of the mysterious eastern outskirts of this college has trained more than 1,000 students. After graduating students each year, some to stay in college to become special police combat unit, part of the Corps and assigned to the People's Armed Police Tactical Unit as a commander. Mainly responsible for anti-terrorism operations team combat, combat readiness, performing tasks such as foreign affairs. A few years ago well received by the audiences of the television series "armed special police" That was taken from a special police college.

    Armed Police Force in the "anti-terrorism," named after the first anti-terrorism unit in Shanghai Corps squadron. February 5, 2002, the Shanghai Armed Police Corps was established Anti-Terrorism Special Operations Squadron, which is China's first Anti-Terrorism Special Operations Forces. People's Armed Police Force in the provincial-level People's Armed Police Corps has a special police brigade, formed the equivalent of a battalion of the PLA, this is also the PLA forces to have a reconnaissance battalion for each army is the same. For example in 1996 the division transferred scribe for the Armed Forces of the People's Liberation Army Tactical Infantry Division B of the police surveillance company, also became a special police force. Their anti-terrorist operation in China will play an increasingly important role.

Chinese special forces advanced light weapons and ground combat stunts. China's first special forces equipped with the new sniper rifle, and a new family of 5.8-millimeter guns, but also equipped with a number of unknown specialty firearms. Garrison equipment, the kind of "Kevlar" helmet, but also first appeared in China, where special forces. Estimates also give priority to special forces equipment, "Kevlar" bullet-proof vest. Special Forces must have a number of stunts, bad weather forced the military training, dangerous slopes cliff climbing training, and the hard field survival training have become commonplace. Chinese Special Forces officers and men generally equipped with special skills, such as 50 km per hour in the car to accurately hit targets 200 meters outside the people, from the 30-meter accuracy, will become a hand grenade thrown into car windows.
It is noteworthy that the Chinese special forces are still hi-tech skills in the main, in a cross-sea exercises, the Chinese special forces had succeeded in crossing the "enemy" night vision, sound and vibration alarm systems, radar systems and anti-infantry composed of other high-tech early warning equipment, "defense" in a very short period of time, to no trace, no trace to perform well the task.